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Bride and groom first dance pictures black and white

The newly married couples' first dance is a very touching part of each wedding day. By that point in time, the ceremony is finished, dinner is usually served, and the stress of the day has dissipated. At that moment, they can truly focus on one another, and let it sink in that they are actually married. Alex and Tiffany's wedding day incorporated off-again on-again rain and schedule adjustments, so I know that getting to the reception was a sigh of relief, and you can see in this picture that they are only thinking about one another, and are no longer worried about logistics and making sure everything goes according to schedule. At every reception, one of the techniques we use is to set up several flashes around the dance floor to help illuminate the scene and add some dimensionality. You can see that Alex and Tiffany are rimmed by almost a halo of light that sets them apart from the dark wall behind them, and the ballroom floor has a matte-finish sheen that draws your eye to the couple. All of thise is an intentional and technical setup of lights and setting in order to tell the story of their first dance in a beautiful and interesting way. These seemingly small touches are what set some photos apart, and make your wedding picures compelling and unique.

Location: Moonlight Basin, Big Sky Montana.