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Montana photographer wedding pictures in the rain

Over the years, one thing we've learned is that we cannot control things at a wedding. There is almost always at least one thing that goes off-schedule, and sometimes the whole day is adjusted as a result. As professional wedding photographers, part of our job is to work closely with the bride and other vendors to include enough buffer time in the timeline to allow for the unexpected. Another part of our job is to bring enough equipment and expertise to the table that we can adjust to situations and still get beautiful pictures. This photo of Steve & Jamie in the rain is a perfect example. We had planned to drive to a few different locations to take photos on their wedding day, but when that morning rolled around, our wonderful Montana had gifted us with a very windy, rainy day. There were a few breaks in the storm before the ceremony, and we were able to take pictures then, but afterwards it was raining harder than ever, so we switched plans and took them out into the rain with an umbrella. This picture is backlit by one of our flashes to outline the rain and rimlight the couple, providing one picture in a series of stunning bride and groom portraits we were able to capture that day. Steve and Jamie were great sports, and so excited about these pictures! One of the best things you can do as a bride or groom on your wedding day is to realize that on that day, you've planned as much as you can plan, so your job is then to go along for the ride and make memories throughout the day as everything unfolds. I'm sure that Steve & Jamie will be looking back at these pictures in a few years and remembering their rainy, cold wedding day...and they'll be thinking of it fondly.

Location: The Emerson Cultural Center, Bozeman Montana.