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Wedding Pictures at Moonlight Basin Resort

As professional photographers, one of the things we are always working hard to master is how to use light, whether natural or artificial, to accent each photo and make it truly stand out. Our goal first and foremost is to tell the story of each couples' wedding day and love for each other, and secondly to tell that story in a way that is beautiful and compelling. This photo of Alex and Tiffany is in a meadow at Moonlight Basin resort just outside of the Jack Creek Grille, and it is a perfect illustration of how sunlight can be used to make a picture really stand out. The sun is shining from directly behind the couple, rimlighting their hair, and providing dimensionality against the dark background of pine trees. Placement and use of light in portraits of the bride and groom is incredibly important, and is an art that takes years to understand and master.

Location: Moonlight Basin Resort, Big Sky Montana.