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Unique photos of wedding rings

One of my (Kathy's) absolute favorite parts of photographing each wedding day comes along at the beginning of dinner. This is when we borrow the couples' wedding rings to do a few detail photos of them. The reason I like this time is twofold. First, I LOVE photographing rings and finding creative ways to make them look striking and light them so they sparkle brilliantly. Secondly, as wedding photographers, Josh and I are on our feet photographing, moving, problem solving, and managing people all day, and photographing the rings is a nice ten minute reprieve to take a breather and reset my creativity. This ring photo was taken at Alex & Tiffany's wedding up at Moonlight Basin Resort in Big Sky Montana. I love how the highlights and shadows play off of each other, and how the grid line of the grate leads your eye directly to the ring.

Location: Moonlight Basin Resort, Big Sky Montana.