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Wedding Photographers at Stonebridge Manor

This photo of Aaron & Jenae under a beautiful iron archway at Stonebridge Manor is one of our favorites from their wedding. One of the challenging things about photographing in Arizona in the early fall and late spring is that the sun goes down quite early, and so pictures have to move along at a very fast clip if they're all taken after the ceremony. Aaron & Jenae's wedding was a prime example of this, and we had to be on our game to capture all of the bridal party, family, and romatic pictures in time! This photo was taken as the sun was setting while we half walked, half ran from bridal party to family pictures! One of the wonderful things about wedding photographs is that they tell the story of one moment. So in the midst of a flurry of pictures, we were able to guide Aaron & Jenae and give them a precious, silent moment to hold each other and be in love. This kind of real interaction between brides and grooms is what we love to document throughout the wedding day.

Location: Stonebridge Manor, Mesa Arizona.